about us

thank you so much

for taking the time to look through our photographs.  We've put time, heart, and effort into creating these photographs and this space out here in the wide world of the internet--thank you for stopping by to share it with us.

We're not those people who were born to photography with a camera in their hand.  About 7 years ago, we realized that the photographs and videos we were taking just for fun were sometimes the only tangible memories of the rich life we'd lived.  We cherish those moments of family and friends; those pictures of who we were then.  We're all about sharing experiences with those around us.  The experience of having memories that can be held, looked through, and displayed is what we share with you when you choose us to photograph your life.  We're visual storytellers, handcrafting frames of real life to share. 

If you'd like to get to know us a bit better you can check out our personal instagram(s) @travisholtan and @aprileveholtan
We love people.  That is the reason we enjoy wedding photography.  We will collaborate with you, your friends, and family on the wedding day to document your story.  And we'll absolutely enjoy doing it.

We will give you that photographs you want; ones that really reflect your day.  Your photographs will be crafted specifically for the two of you and will show your personality, what you've valued about the day, and the way you feel about one another.  We work hard to make sure your day is just what you've pictured and that the focus of the day is you and your marriage.  (yes, that was definately two photography puns in one sentence. . . )

Finally, we aren't trendy or edgy.  Our goal is to produce a timeless photograph that doesn't look dated ten years from now.  You won't find flat, desaturated, matte, or orangey photographs on this website.  There's a lack of cliche groomsmen poses or rigid couples.  We create at least one tradional, classic portrait with every wedding or session and the rest won't be too far outside the box.  While these photographs are very authentic, they'll still be something you'll love in 25 years.